Sexual Harassment is a form of sex discrimination. Inappropriate sexual advances, verbal requests for sexual favors, and unwelcome physical contact constitutes sexual harassment.  When any form of sexual harassment interferes with an individual's work and creates an intimidating work environment, it should be reported to the employer.

Sexual harassment can occur in any of the following circumstances:
●The victim or harasser may be a woman or a man
●The harasser does not necessarily have to be another employee, it may be a supervisor, agent or a non-employee
●A victim could be someone other than the harassed victim

Victims of sexual harassment at the workplace go through many emotions such as humiliation, frustration, withdrawal and even suffer damages in the aftermath. Victims of severe sexual harassment such as rape can form dysfunctional families and even life threatening diseases. Sometimes victims are forced to leave their jobs to avoid being harassed in the future, which compromises their careers. Surveys show that only a small percentage of women who have been victims of sexual harassment at the workplace actually go through with filing a complaint, for the fear of jeopardizing their careers.

What a Lawyer can do for you:
Victims of sexual harassment should first provide a written complaint to their supervisor or any other individual who is responsible. They should include details of the incident and names of witnesses. The employer should take immediate action. If the employer fails to take action the victim should contact a sexual harassment lawyer to explore legal protection and grounds for a possible lawsuit. A lawyer can help you file your complaint and help you get the justice you deserve.

The Law Office of Joseph R. Haytas can help:
If you feel you are a victim of sexual harassment, you may contact the Law Office of Joseph R. Haytas.  Each case is unique.  Joseph R. Haytas will meet with you personally about your matter and explore with you any and all options you may have under your particular circumstances.

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